Anonymous whispered:
I too think you're art isn't the best - but this is true for a lot of people, and I can think of many who are much worse at drawing that you are! But, it's still very cute and you can still see the effort. You should take that anon as a challenge; /make/ them like your art and draw until they can't have that opinion anymore. I also think keyoflorelei is going a little too far; everyone has their opinion and that anon was not being harmful at all and people need to realise criticism must exist.

I guess you’re right. I’ll start posting fanart again when my art is better.

keyoflorelei whispered:
Please please please please please don't listen to what that shitty anon said ; A ; Seriously your art is so so so cute and it always puts a huge smile on my face whenever I see it and I actually wish you would post more cause I'm selfish and want to see more and yeah I just really love your art okay ; 3 ;

Thanks, Key.

neriad12 whispered:
If you're still doing sketch doodles, can I request a picture of Puck and Itazura?

Sorry, I’m not really in the drawing kind of mood. Please remind me later on and I will draw the picture for you. Again, I apologize.

Anonymous whispered:
i don't think your art is that great, but thanks for keeping the fandom alive at least :)

I try my best.


"Money won’t make you happy"

Yeah, financial stability is just horrible

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life hack: if you don’t want this to happen when clicking urls


hold in ctrl while clicking

god bless your kind soul

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I have never reblogged something so fast in my life

it’s exactly what you think it is

it’s exactly what I thought it was.

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Imagine trying to get Puck up in the morning. He refuses to leave the bed, rolling himself into a burrito in the blankets; moaning and groaning loudly whenever you try and shove him off the mattress. Finally, you get the blankets away from him, but then he clings to the headboard, crying,

No! I won’t leave her behind! You can’t make me! My baby!”

You finally give up because you’re laughing too hard to continue.

Fey University 


Title: Fey University

Rating: G

Original Imagine: Imagine the Iron Fey guys as typical college students.

Chapter 4: Glitch Tucker

You and Ash ended up in the library. Not many students were there, thank goodness, so it was easier to concentrate on what he was telling you as he sat you down to discuss your paper for Machina’s class. Once he helped to explain just what it was Machina was looking for in the paper, you found yourself far less stressed about the issue. You could crank out ten pages easily, so long as you had an idea of just what the heck you were talking about. And an hour later, as Ash got up to leave for his next class, you felt much more confident.

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Fey University 


Title: Fey University

Rating: G

Original Imagine: Imagine the Iron Fey guys as typical college students.

Chapter 3: Rowan Tally 

Apparently you had been almost spot on with your theory that Ash was a quiet, studious and wealthy student. As it turned out, his dorm was on the outermost edges of campus, in the apartment style buildings that were usually reserved specifically for the especially privileged. Meaning those that could afford to spend your life’s savings on a year of fancy living.

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